It's time to submit your 2019 Civic Association Dues if you have not already done so.  These dues are part of your civic responsibility required to keep our neighborhood safe and clean.  Approximately 90-95% of our dues go towards lawn care and stick/leaf removal on the malls, flowerbed maintenance at the neighborhood entrances, and snow removal on our roads.  We need everyone's support to ensure that we can continue to provide these benefits that contribute to both the beauty and safety of our neighborhood.  Additional benefits provided by our dues are as follows:

  • Electricity for street lights, street signs upkeep(approximately 3% of dues)

  • Children's events (Halloween and Easter Parades) (less than 1% of dues)

  • Welcome Baskets for new residents (less than 1% of dues)

Please submit your 2019 CCA dues payment of $50 (paid to “Carrcroft Civic Association”) to the CCA Treasurer, Ed Redfield, 1207 Covington Rd, Wilmington, DE, 19803, and also encourage your neighbors to do the same.  If you already paid your 2019 dues, we thank you.  We need everyone's help to maintain our services to the neighborhood.  We are all part of a wonderful community, and we need everyone's help to keep it this way. 

Thank you!