Property Violations

As a reminder to residents, while we hope that each of us strives to act in a neighborly manner and respect each other, we recognize that ill-mannered conduct will occur, and regrettably sometimes recur. When a polite word from a neighbor isn't adequate to curb behavior that violates county code or land use zoning, the address for raising concerns with the county is

Please contact the board if matters have escalated to a county report so we can track the issue.

CCA Community Forum Notes

The open forum meeting was held in the Carrcroft Elementary School library 5/15. Our guests included Councilman Cartier and Representative Heffernan — both of whom fielded a series of questions primarily focused on the traffic issues of Marsh Rd. and Carrcroft in general. CCA Board elections also occurred and you can see the relevant page on this website for the full list of the new officers. Enjoy your holiday weekend, everyone.

Crossing Guards, etc.

For those of you following the NextDoor post ( about speeding and other traffic infractions, mainly along Crest Rd., a question was raised about getting a crossing guard for the morning drop-off at Carrcroft Elementary. To save you the time reading that — the answer is no. The Crossing Guard Unit does not believe our situation warrants this measure. NCCPD has been alerted of the traffic issues there and elsewhere in the neighborhood. If you feel unsafe or witness a dangerous situation you can proceed to notify the NCCPD non-emergency number listed under the key contacts section of our site.

Reports of Speeding

Dear residents,

As many of you are aware we are facing an ongoing issue with reckless driving and excessive speeding along E. Crest Rd; particularly around the time of school drop off / pick up. There have been reports of people driving upwards of 50 mph, which is absolutely ludicrous. We all lead hectic lives and are in a rush to get to our next appointment, destination or otherwise. PLEASE do not put your safety and the lives of others at risk merely to shed a few minutes of travel time.

Thank you,

CCA Board