Our Mission

The Carrcroft Civic Association (CCA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the safety, upkeep, maintenance, and enhancement of our neighborhood and to improving the sense of community and quality of life among our residents.  Our membership is composed of enthusiastic individuals who volunteer their time and energy for the betterment of the community.

Please consider becoming more engaged in this neighborhood we all love.  Join the board today and take action!

CCA Board 2019 - 2020

President: Vacant
Vice-President: Vacant
Secretary: Justin Barrett
Treasurer: Ed Redfield
Director: Cheryl Blaney-Slinger (3rd Yr, 2nd Term)
Director: Ben Wagner (1st Yr, 1st Term)
Director: Maureen Corrigan (1st Yr, 3rd Term)
Director: Dan O'Shea (1st Yr, 2nd Term)
Director: Stephen Morrow (2nd Yr, 2nd Term)
Director: Joel Pust (3rd Yr, 2nd Term)

Ex officio: Bryan Kunitsky

What We've Achieved

  • Recognition by State of Delaware Forest Service for many years of dedication regarding tree conservatory efforts.

  • Repainting of all three neighborhood signs.

  • Partnered with DNREC and our representatives (Cartier, Cloutier, Heffernan) to ensure drainage expansion of Carrcroft & Baynard Blvd.

  • Rejuvenation of landscaping and flower beds located at main Crest & Marsh Rd. entrance.

  • World peace (mission in progress).