Neighborhood Driving Safety

There are many types of hazards drivers must remain alert for in common neighborhood settings: playing children, bicyclists, wildlife, etc. In Carrcroft, residents need be especially aware, however, as we have a school literally within our boundaries. As the children return to school and traffic increases in our area now is as good a time as ever to remind each other of the importance of driving safety.

  • Please take care when you are on the roadways, and never assume that because someone is visible to you, that you are also visible to them.
  • Concentrate on the task at hand and adhere to the posted speed limit. 
  • If you have a yard adjacent to a main thoroughfare or intersection please be sure to trim your hedges and any tree limbs that can obstruct one's vision.
  • Our streets are quite dark in the early evening hours so consider leaving your front porch light or street lamp on, if possible. And definitely run your headlamps if operating a vehicle in such poorly lit conditions.