Carrcroft Traffic Report

The CCA Board occasionally receives questions and concerns about traffic safety in our neighborhood – namely along Marsh and Crest Roads. With that in mind here are some updates and musings about the current situation.

  • After the May 2018 community meeting DelDOT was contacted multiple times to trim the branches obscuring the West-facing red light at the Marsh/Crest Rd. intersection. To date it has not been adequately addressed.
  • Speeding is a major threat to everyone's safety, and we ask you to please be mindful when you are driving through Carrcroft. CCA has contacted both NCCPD and Delaware State Police about Crest/Marsh Rd. in the hope that they can better enforce the posted speeds and deter those who continue to run red lights at this intersection.
  • DelDOT has a defined process for selecting locations where red light cameras are installed and this intersection, in particular, is quite low on their priority list. Nevertheless, if you feel that this or a radar-speed sign would be beneficial it would be worthwhile to contact your state and local representatives to see what more can be done. 
  • The roads in our neighborhood are, shall we say, in rough shape to say the least. If you see a significant problem that must be addressed please contact DelDOT to inform them.